We are a community of music lovers and music makers who provide a set of tools and services to support, care, nurture and facilitate the lives of artists.

In recent years, the state of the music industry has undergone more changes than it could bear. The arrival of the internet has brought a revolution that has dismantled the established order. This drastic change has given the music industry the possibility to reinvent itself and to try to find the right business model.

At Herzio we defend the right of artists to exploit the possibilities offered by new technologies and to give voice to their work and increase their audience.

Herzio offers a full spectrum of services for the entire music community. Music professionals who want to promote their music and who are looking into developing their musical career will find what they are looking for on Herzio’s platform. We ensure that the bands have everything they need from the ecstasy of creation, to the adrenaline of the staging. We offer our company and resources to navigate the difficult and exciting path of music.

Sometimes hope comes from the hand of a few dreamers, unconscious music lovers who bet everything on music, to fulfill a dream, to give voice to those who should never lose. The future of music lies in understanding change and Herzio has understood it at its purest form.