Money4Artists Movement

Herzio thinks that new technology means new opportunities for artists, including the opportunity to make money doing things on their own that they couldn’t be doing in the past times. For example, selling merchandise easily without any investments and costs of production, stock or distribution- obstacles that in the past were a huge problem for any upcoming band. Now with the additional benefit of being able to access a huge market place like Facebook.

That's why we have developed a new “on-demand merchandising” system sale application. Which means that bands can avoid those expensive and complicated processes. They'll be able to communicate better and more with their fans and make money so they can focus on what they do best: music.

And supporting these premises, we have created Money4Artists, where the artists can easily make money from something else other than their music. An immediate transaction will be made to the artist at the exact moment someone buys a product when the payment is made trough PayPal, and in 48-72 hours when the payment is made with credit card, thanks to multiple entry technology.